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Rui Kiryama Photo Album

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Yui has a spirited personality and expresses her emotions very clearly and honestly. While usually shown to be sweet and kind-hearted, Yui tends to lose her cool when around Aoki, whose perverted antics tries her patience. She is also rather self-conscious about her body in general and especially dislikes when others point out her underdevelopedness. Though gentle by nature, Yui is also a proud practitioner of karate and is always ready to put her skills to good use, not afraid to get violent if she must.[sociallocker]

Yui has also proven to be rather naive and a bit idealistic. Having long had an aversion to men, Yui has little to no understanding of how romantic relationships work, instead having a rather romanticized idea of it. She is often quick to trust her heart’s instinct without really thinking things through, which has proven her undoing several times...

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