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Erotic Story – A Big Dick in the Fashion World

When 18 year old Damon Yates applied for a Saturday job at a fashionable women’s store he didn’t quite know what he was in for. Annette DuBois, the owner, born in Chicago but who had a distinct French accent, would have preferred a girl for the job but Damon’s father was her therapist and so she felt kind of obligated.

“This job is for a gopher.” Annette explained, “Saturday is always our Fashion Show Day and my models work very hard, so when they need anything – you go-for-it – whether it’s coffee, hairspray or they need help with getting a dress on. Do you understand?”

Damon nodded, “Yes – I understand perfectly.”

The models were not particularly impressed with Damon on that first day, he was skinny, wore thick glasses and his hair looked like as though he’d ins...

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Erotic Story – Making the Maids xx

When Joel Masters was hired by the Vanderkirk Mansion he was really happy, the pay was good and the room he was given was a lot better than the one he had at home. It was only a trial period, but he was hoping it would become permanent to allow him to save some money for college. His parents had some financial problems and just couldn’t help to further his education, so at 18 he was destined to clean shoes, shine up the silver and take care of the Master’s six Irish Hounds.

The mansion was dripping with staff, including two pretty maids, Rhonda and Theodora, and a smartly dressed young woman named Marie, who he assumed was Mr. Vanderkirk’s personal assistant...

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