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Erotic Story – A Big Dick in the Fashion World

When 18 year old Damon Yates applied for a Saturday job at a fashionable women’s store he didn’t quite know what he was in for. Annette DuBois, the owner, born in Chicago but who had a distinct French accent, would have preferred a girl for the job but Damon’s father was her therapist and so she felt kind of obligated.

“This job is for a gopher.” Annette explained, “Saturday is always our Fashion Show Day and my models work very hard, so when they need anything – you go-for-it – whether it’s coffee, hairspray or they need help with getting a dress on. Do you understand?”

Damon nodded, “Yes – I understand perfectly.”

The models were not particularly impressed with Damon on that first day, he was skinny, wore thick glasses and his hair looked like as though he’d insulted his barber. However, he turned out to be very efficient and so towards the end of the day they warmed towards him.

It was not an easy job, every time he walked into the dressing room there wou...

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Erotic Story – Anal sex story

I felt my whole nervous system ignite and tingles slammed through my body as the cum spurted out of my cock deep inside Diane’s sweet ass. She came again as she felt the hot lava of cum fill the deep ending of her well-fucked ass.

It was my turn to host our mates’ card night. Once a month we got together ordered pizza wine and beer and hung out and watched the game played cards and had a good boys night.

Mike, Pete, James and Dale were always there – Dale not always turning up of late as he had just got himself a girlfriend.

We all had our one-nighters and some permanent part time ladies but the rest of us were single… gee we are just 28!

I dropped into liquor store and grabbed the beers. Standing in line at the counter waiting to pay I heard my name called.

‘Rick is that you?’ she said.

I turned and saw Diane I hadn’t seen her in ages, must be ten years, ever since she moved away with her parents.

‘How are you?’ she asked as she kissed my cheek.

‘Great! Wow it’s real...

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Erotic Story – Making the Maids xx

When Joel Masters was hired by the Vanderkirk Mansion he was really happy, the pay was good and the room he was given was a lot better than the one he had at home. It was only a trial period, but he was hoping it would become permanent to allow him to save some money for college. His parents had some financial problems and just couldn’t help to further his education, so at 18 he was destined to clean shoes, shine up the silver and take care of the Master’s six Irish Hounds.

The mansion was dripping with staff, including two pretty maids, Rhonda and Theodora, and a smartly dressed young woman named Marie, who he assumed was Mr. Vanderkirk’s personal assistant. The maids had a large room next to his and when he heard them giggling and goofing around at night he couldn’t help but jerk himself off. On the third night of his residence, he was in the process of fisting his mister when there came a tap on the door...

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Wait―An Erotic Story of Desire & Anticipation

The first time she was frustrated.  By the third time she was pissed.  But the fourth and eighth and twelfth times, she barely remembered and didn’t care.

The first time they were at her apartment.  After a second date.  This was “faster” than was normal for her, but hell, people know when they want to have sex with each other, and she wanted to with him.  She thought he felt the same way about her, but then…well, let’s set the scene first.

They were on her couch, the wine on the coffee table was barely touched, and his fingers were digging into the small of her back while she explored his mouth with her tongue.  It was exciting to find that he knew how to use his lips and that his tonguelistened to hers.  She listened to his, too, and its directions were clear and direct.

As he let his weight fall onto her, she could feel that he was aroused.  He was practically about to burst through his jeans.  His erection trapped in there must be downright painful, she thought, ...

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Erotic Story – Oh What a Night

Your friend Sara had moved about 3 years ago and you have been missing her terribly of late. She and you are so much alike and when she lived there you two were inseparable. Your Saturday nights spent bar hopping dressed like a couple of street whores teasing the male population to insanity were legendary nights of fun and you’ve been melancholy thinking about those days. You both divorced about the same time and the two of you building a bond of friendship like brothers in arms as you weathered that storm together. But unfortunately her job transferred her to another state and although you talk every week at the very least you haven’t seen her since she moved. Your vacation time is fast approaching so you give her a call wanting to come out and visit her for a week...

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Erotic Story – Two is Always Better Than One!

“Christian, I thought of what we could do for Michelle’s birthday!” Jake exclaimed. Jake and Christian had been best friends since they were like 10 years old in middle school. Back then (and indeed still today) they were inseparable; always up to some mischief or another, whether it be playing with fireworks under the abandoned train bridge in the ravine near their neighborhood or knocking over trash cans under cover of darkness.

Then, in 8th grade, the new girl moved to town. Michelle… she was so much fun. She was unlike any other girl they had ever met. Mischievous like them and a total tom-boy, they quickly struck up a fast friendship and included her in all of their neighborhood rangings.

As the years passed, she grew into a total hottie… 5’6″, athletic body, 34-B breasts, straight dirty blonde hair that she kept cut short to her jawline. Both of the boys dated Michelle off and on, the threesome not being a jealous group...

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Erotic Story – Sometimes Harder is Best

“This is a song for the ladies
But fellas listen closely
You don’t always have to fuck her hard
In fact sometimes that’s not right to do
Sometimes you’ve got to make some love
And fucking give her some smoochies too
Sometimes ya got to squeeze
Sometimes you’ve got to say please
Sometimes you’ve got to say hey
I’m gonna fuck you softly
I’m gonna screw you gently
I’m gonna hump you sweetly
I’m gonna ball you discreetly”


“Harder … harder … oh God … HARDER!”

“Dammit, can’t you keep it down Terri.”

Penny Cheng hammered on the wall. She wanted to scream herself! It wasn’t just having her study interrupted. She’d had to listen to Terri and Mike going at it all afternoon. They’d been at it last night for hours. Worse still, Terri yowling like a bitch in heat had woken her up in the early hours of the morning. She didn’t even try to be discrete about what she was doing...

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Erotic Story – How to Seduce an Orc

Alex accepted a job through his guild to take out a band of Orcs that were terrorizing travelers. Orcs were much stronger than the average human, standing at about one meter on average taller, and about 100 pounds heavier. Alex, however, was very competent as an adventurer. Even against a dozen Orcs, as long as he held the advantage of starting his attack first he could easily win.

This particular band of Orcs was made up of seven of the beasts. They slept in tents atop a cliff overlooking a dirt path through the hill-lands. Their units comprised of two archers, three warriors, a magic caster, and the leader, an extra-large Orc that carried a massive war-hammer.

He attacked as they sat around a campfire eating some kind of meat. It had a salty scent to it, meaning it was most likely stolen from a merchant traveler. His first move was to put an arrow through the magic casters head.

This obviously put the others on alert, and they looked in his direction...

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Erotic Short Story – The Waiter

An bored twenty-one year old girl is on holiday with her parents, and finds herself fantasizing about the dishy waiter serving them dinner in the hotel restaurant. Flirting is fun… but what happens when her parents leave her all alone with him?

It was the third night of my holiday and I was enduring another dinner with my parents. Actually, I should probably give them a bit of a break and stop complaining about them so much; they might treat me like I’m twelve, but at least they care. Some people have it far worse.

I was feeling in pretty high spirits and ready to party. The parents seemed to be in a good mood too, and were even treating me to a meal in the hotel’s posh restaurant tonight, instead of the cheap canteen. I’m not sure what I’d done to deserve this. Maybe the sun was doing us all some good.

“Jenny and Phil were so pleased with your services last night. Phil seems quite taken with you dear,” I almost choked on my water on hearing my mum’s words.

“Huh?” I man...

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Erotic Story – Saturday Night Fever!

The day after Bryn had sneaked into my bedroom and indeed my bed, my younger sister returned home from staying with our aunt and uncle. Although it was nice to have her back home I knew it would put an end to the night time meetings Bryn and I had been enjoying. No more naked swimming, no more scampering across the fields to the hay loft, no more sex!

Bryn’s sister Gwen, was my oldest friend. I had hated having to keep secret from her the relationship that I was having with her brother. But I could not even let on that I had lost my virginity or she would not have stopped grilling me about it, wanting to know who with. Gwen and I saw each other just about every day. There had been times I wanted to blurt out to her that I was having sex with someone, but for obvious reasons I had to keep this a closely guarded secret. Several times she had asked me what was wrong, why I was so quiet, why I seemed so guarded.

A few times Bryn was round at our house with my brother...

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